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Customised Programmes

Some of our clients find that they require executive development programmes that are tuned to particular capacity building and training needs of their organization. The Karachi School for Business & Leadership (KSBL) offers this facility to our clients who are keen to be able to respond to the specific needs of Pakistani and regional organizations.
Ranging from short, 2-day courses to integrated modular programs spread over several months, they are designed in collaboration with the client organization to meet specific capacity building objectives and delivered by international faculty bringing world class executive education to Karachi, Pakistan.
Our customized programmes are tailored to the needs of the client post a comprehensive learning need assessment exercise, employing rigorous education and training approaches encompassing assessment tools, experiential activities, case studies, interactive discussions, simulations and relevant group work. We ensure that the participants and facilitators work together to reach a new level of shared purpose and commitment for producing results for higher growth through enhanced teamwork and cross functional effectivenes. Details of some programmes conducted in the past are as follows.

Novartis Pharma (Pakistan) Limited
KSBL Executive Education Services conducted a two day Customised programme on “Developing High Performance Teams” for Novartis Pharma (Pakistan) Limited Leadership team at KSBL Campus. The programme was facilitated by KSBL’s distinguished faculty members.

ICI Pakistan Limited
A 3 day Strategy Workshop named Aspiration 2018 was developed and delivered by KSBL in Sep 2013 in Islamabad. The objective of the workshop was to articulate strategy for ICI Pakistan post acquisition. The workshop was conducted by Professor Imran Ali and Dr. Kamal Munir (Judge Business School) and 48 top leaders from ICI participated in the workshop.

Aga Khan University Hospital
KSBL Executive Education Services conducted a customised “Emerging Leaders Development Programme” for a diverse cohort of 30 participants from Aga Khan University Hospital comprising of six modules encompassing various management areas including leadership, people management, project management, finance, economics, and strategy.

KSBL Executive Education conducted three modules of ‘Leadership Development Programme’ for United Energy Pakistan (UEP) for 12 People Managers. The programme engaged participants in collective understanding of the new work requirements based on collaborative, skillful and result oriented teamwork.

KSBL Executive Education conducted the first module named ‘Leadership & Organisational Performance’ of the PARCO Management Development Programme. The module was well-attended by 36 high potential leaders from PARCO who discovered their personality types and learnt how to best utilise their traits for leadership, team building and performance management in the organisation to achieve PARCO’s growth objectives in future.

Soft Skills for High Potential Leaders was a three day customised programme held for Hub Power Company. Given the importance of soft skills for leadership, KSBL developed a distinct programme to help participants develop five key competencies which have been assessed by the world’s leading companies as being essential for business success: Adaptive Thinking, Communication, Relationships, Teamwork and Execution.

HUBCO tasked KSBL to develop another 3 day programme on ‘Senior Leadership Development Programme’ to help transform their functional managers into leaders who could engage their teams, inspire quality performance and set clear direction and strategy. The programme facilitated the creation of a pipeline of leaders for future growth objectives and challenges ahead. 13 mid to senior level Managers with technical education and background from various business operations of HUBCO attended the programme.

K-Electric in collaboration with KSBL conducted ten 4 day cohorts for their ‘Business Catalyst Programme’ for 350 DGMs and Managers. The programme aimed to enhance the management and leadership skills of business / function level managers in K-Electric. It was focused focus on the work environment of the K-Electric managers to ensure that the skills acquired through this initiative could be applied to drive future performance.

KSBL Executive Education and Indus Motor Company Limited have joined hands together for conducting “Management Development Programme” for their middle tier managers. The programme comprises of six modules starting from November 2014. The programme engages selected high potential participants in various management areas including People Management, Brand Management, Decision Making and Negotiations.

KSBL Executive Education conducted a unique ‘Watchlist Development Programme’ for Engro Fertilizers Limited. The programme consists of three modules, each representing a competency clusters from Engro’s Leadership Competency Model. The first module was conducted in January 2015.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your management education requirements in confidence. Please contact our office at (92-21)111 11 KSBL (5725) or PABX: (92-21) 34855362 Ext. 551, 557 and 558 for more information.