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Fees and Scholarships

MBA Fee Structure

Year One
Fee Pak rupees
Admission* 50,000*
Foundation Term* 35,000*
Tuition 635,270
Reading Material 40,000
Registration, Computing 25,000
Security (refundable)* 10,000
Sub-total 795,270
Year Two
Fee Pak rupees
Tuition 635,270
Reading Material 40,000
Registration, Computing 25,000
Sub-total 700,270
Total 1,495,540

* One time Charges

Mode of Payment :

1. The fee is payable in four installements over the period of two years
2. The Payorder /Demand Draft has to be made in favour of Karachi School for Business & Leadership (KSBL).


1. The Fee structure is usually announced each year for the following academic year.
    and it is subject to change with or without any prior notice.
2. The Fee package is not inclusive of food, housing and any other government taxes etc.
3. The same fee structure applies to International students as well.

Financial Aid

Karachi School for Business & Leadership believes in nurturing talented youth of Pakistan. We have adopted a NEED BLIND admissions policy. This means that every application for admission is evaluated only on the basis of academic merit and personal abilities independent of the applicant’s financial status and ability to pay. Once admission is offered, the financial aid office at KSBL then reviews the applicant’s financial status and structure a financial package suitable to the applicant’s requirements. This assistance may consist of Interest Free Loans, Qarz-e-Husna, Work-Study scholarships, Teaching and Research Assistantships among others.

Aid at KSBL will be made available in the following forms:

Interest-Free Loan

Interest-free loan arrangements with Pakistani financial institutions have been made to facilitate students in the MBA programme at KSBL.


Varying amounts of financial assistance will be available to students in the form of scholarship and work-study programmes. Deserving students will be awarded scholarships depending upon their individual need and financial situation.

Work-Study Programme

KSBL’s unique work-study programme will enable student to earn money and pay for education expenses while studying at KSBL. Work-Study Programme is an opportunity to work part-time on campus. Students will be able to work in different departments or offices all over the campus. They will also have the opportunity to work with faculty members as teaching or research assistant.

Work-Study programme will be offered to students who need financial assistance to complete their studies. However, these programmes will be offered on a competitive basis.

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